Friday, May 29, 2009

it's really good to hear your voice saying my name, it sounds so sweet

I'm done. DONE! Done with college.

My family came up last Friday evening. We went to the MOA for dinner, and then checked out LEGOLAND and the American Girl store. Guess who loved that?

Lego dinos!

Chrissa needs some birthday cake!

Bitty Babies!

Post-purchase. Wow!

The next day, they got to meet my good friends the Hall-Holts and the Melbys, both families that I've become close to at school. Dad and I went to the Orchestra concert while Mom and Hannah got to meet some of their online friends. Then, FarmBoy came over with his electric guitar, pedal, and amp. Guess who loved THAT?

You were expecting Hannah, weren't you?

She did have a great time. Just like Murray!
(every time I think the Wiggles obsession is over, it proves me wrong)

John played with effects, making it sound like an alien!

Then he rocked out.

Following the music-making, we went out to dinner with my close friends Dan and Erin. Melting Pot! Despite our lack of nook, it was really nice.

The next day, Sunday, was graduation! We had a lovely Jazz Brunch, then stopped in at the History major reception. I had to go rehearse, and then it was time!

Very hot, sunny, and long. My first graduation ever, and I'm not complaining that there weren't any others! My girlfriend Kelsey M. drove up from Rochester to come, and it was so great to see her! We were roommates at St. Olaf Summer Music Camp way back when, and have seen each other a couple times over the years. She had just graduated a week earlier from Whitworth University. FB's family came as well.

The Fam! (-Chris)

Dinner with FB's clan and Kelsey, then back to the hotel for some swimming and relaxing. Also some Sound of Music reenactments:

The hiiiills are alive!

It wouldn't be Kelsey and Kate without some Super Secret Spies!

FB and myself

Now we're getting ready for our annual beaching with the Morgans! Exciting! After that I have to serious start thinking about another job...I'm hoping for Starbucks, but I wonder if I would ever make money since the drinks are soooo tempting?

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