Wednesday, May 06, 2009

'cause love's such an old-fashioned word

Whoo! Lots of news...

Last weekend was awesome! Saturday was Lutefest (school music festival), so I got a henna tattoo and tie-dyed a shirt. Then some of my friends and I went bowling! We all made up bowler names...I was Kandi.
After that I watched a movie for my Arab World paper, called The Band's Visit. If you ever have to watch it, don't. It was really boring, but easy to write about!

Sunday, I played in the King's Room per usual, but my teacher had left the harp there overnight so I didn't even have to move it! One of my closest friends, Sarah Bosch, came to listen to me play for a little bit. I played my jury piece for her, Debussy's First Arabesque (which I am OWNING, btw). I got tipped by my favorite regular, an elderly lady who comes every Sunday with her husband. I told her about the PC and she said "Oh, now I'll have to pray for you! Lord, please help save my harpist from terrorists!" Too cute.
Then I watched two more movies for my paper, Promises, a documentary about Israeli and Palestinian children, and Paradise Now, which is about suicide bombers. They were both really excellent films.

Concluding my weekend, I wrote my 10-page paper, and my precis for my Arthur paper (how did Merlyn's tutoring prepare Arthur for kingship in T.H. White's The Once and Future King?).

Monday I was on duty, and it was a quiet night. John and I watched Star Trek 8 (we still have to watch 9 and 10 before tomorrow night...uh-oh).

YESTERDAY was Sarah Bosch's 21st birthday! How lucky is that, to have your birthday on Cinco de Mayo instead of...some other...not as fun a national tragedy. We all got ready together, then went down to the Cow (one of the two bars in town). Sarah had a VERY good time! I got her a pink zebra-striped shirt. Also my class was canceled so I worked on school

Today, I got two packages in the mail! I was expecting one, my new BATHING SUITS! I tried them on, and they are very awesome. And only $12 each! Yay clearance! The other package, however, was a mystery....It was from "St. Tropez" in Valencia, CA, which confused me, because I thought St. Tropez was an island....Turns out I won a self-tanning kit from Allure magazine! I looked it up, and it's like $45. I won a John Frieda hair glaze from them back in October as well. I guess I'm just lucky :)

So that made my day a lot better...I have an hour-long presentation on Friday (and my partner just canceled our meeting for tonight...ugh. I'd rather do all the work than let it suck, but it's still annoying), and my thesis paragraph for my 20-25pg paper due tomorrow.

Star Trek: The Movie opens tomorrow at midnight! John and I got shirts from hot topic to wear...NO, I'm not a nerd!

Friday evening is the spring concert here at school. Previous years we've had a
medium-ish band for the Fall Concert, and small and medium-big bands (like, locally famous or indie) bands for Lutefest and the Spring Concert, respectively. Previous bands include Black Eyed Peas and Nickel Creek. This year, we had a medium-ish band for the fall concert, and are having a big-ish band for the Spring concert, but just campus bands for Lutefest. Hellogoodbye are coming! Tickets are free for students! So that's one more thing to look forward to after my presentation is done.

Realized today that there are only 5 more days of class. Ever. EVER. Can I start freaking out now?? After that it's
nothing but work, work, work all the time! Anyone who says differently is selling something.

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  1. Kandi, do you have a Citchen? And sell Karamels?

    Could I sell you on grad school? med school? We met a woman in the neighborhood (yes, we actually did meet someone here!), and she's doing her residency at MCV. She told Chris she was in 24th grade. How encouraging!

    I don't think your first job really counts as's more Adventure. Especially since the pay scale is a bit weak.

    I want to see your nerd trekkie shirts!