Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring break!

My dad told me the other day that my mom is kicking my butt at blogging. Very true. I told him that I never do anything besides homework and class--whenever I do something, it's usually at home, which means my mom blogs about it! Sigh.

Well, yesterday was an exciting day, and I KNOW she hasn't written about it yet, so here goes.

I got my blood test results back in the morning (the Peace Corps sent me a letter telling me I had low white blood cells and to either submit a normal report or see a hematologist)...They weren't typical, so I'm probably just a weiwdie. But if anyone knows a hematologist close to Northfield, please let me know!

Then, later, I got my graduation pictures taken! In my graduation dress (which many of you have seen on facebook, but here it is again):

I think I need the hat.

Anyway, the girl taking my pictures had only worked there for 2 weeks, but she did a good job. I wish there had been less formal pictures and more fun ones.

She said I should be a model. RIIIGHT. I bet she tells that to all the girls :P

Also, there's a little boy with leukemia at Mayo who isn't from MN...His family is looking for a place somewhat nearby to keep his chocolate lab, so that the boy can see his doggy. If anyone has a backyard and is interested, contact me!

Looking forward to finishing up the year at school....But not as excited for my midterm on Wednesday! Haven't gotten the horrific study guide test back yet......I'm crossing my fingers, since I had the flu that week!

On that note......bye.

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