Sunday, March 15, 2009


Last night was an epic soiree at chez Larson. Guests included (for various amounts of time) myself, Dan, Erin, Hannah Reitz and her boyfriend Ben, Matt and Peter (Dan's brothers), Jon and Pouyan (Matt's friends), Katie and Melanie (my residents), Eric, Luke Varland, Michael, Garrett, and of course Dan's parents. Photos courtesy of Dan.

Despite pictoral evidence to the contrary, I must specifically state that we did NOT hijack a harp from school. Absolutely not. That would be terrible. But eveyone brought their instruments, and we had a great night of games and music.

Hannah: "My mouth isn't big enough!"
Luke: ".....That's what she said! Come on, everyone was thinking it!"

Ben (while reading Balderdash entries): "While in Englandj....England-J...I swear that's what it says!"
Dan: "Um, that's a COMMA."

Ben (still reading entries): "A nickname for Satan's..."
Dan: "Satan....Spelled S-A-N-T-A."

Me: Do you watch The Office?
Jon: No, can't say I do.
Me: Good. Knock knock!
Jon: Who's there?
Me: KGB!
Jon: KGB who---

Mike Rowe: How long have you been working here?
Suki: Eighteen year.
Mike: Wow, you must be exhausted!
Suki: Yes I do.


Great night!!

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