Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had my appointment with the hematologist today. It was fine, they took some more blood and she told me to get iron tablets.

My friend Sarah Bosch took me up there (it was at the U) and after we went to Uptown to walk around a bit, then to a really sweet Turkish restaurant (AWESOME lemonade!) and then to the MOA. I found a dress for Prez Ball ($25!) at Marshall's and some excellent finds at Ragstock, including (but not limited to) a BCBG skirt for $5. Sarah got some ADORABLE sundresses. It was good to spend time with her off campus, she's probably one of the nicest people I know.

Got B's and above on my ridiculous tests! Hooray! I had a paper due yesterday on the narcissism of the 1970s in relation to the family...I basically said that all the theories about the entire culture of the decade being a result of overbearing mothers was a total scapegoat effort by (MALE) psychologists and (MALE) journalists. Hey, no wonder they had to blame women for everything, they were insecure! All these women burning bras (or planning to....but the city wouldn't let them) and having sex, entering the workforce, divorcing their was a trying time for these white non-disabled heterosexual middle-class educated men.

Thank you, thank you. For my next trick, I will prove that high-heeled shoes are a torture device invented by jealous males to break women's legs and keep them at home.

I get my cap and gown tomorrow...SCARY!

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