Thursday, February 19, 2009

Premiere Post

I attend St. Olaf College, in Northfield, Minnesota. It's a small, private, liberal-arts college. I'm an RA. I love my school, I really do. But sometimes, when it's unseasonably warm outside and the snow melts into puddles in between the sidewalks, our campus safety patrol goes a little crazy....

The ironic thing about these signs (aside from the fact that they were posted by every single puddle on campus, all of which were no more than 6 inches deep) is that the night Public Safety put them up (after a good week of sign-less puddles), the weather returned to normal and everything froze, leading to strange sights like....
That's my friend Ricky. A few nights later, as my friends and I were heading to dinner, we saw a full-scale hockey game going on. I think the trees may have made it challenging.How could I resist?


  1. awesome...i saw that sign the other day. Pretty awesome.

  2. This is not the average super model I am looking for. This must be the Above Average super model I'm looking for.